Products for the steel industry

Deref produces a wide range of mineral products for the steel industry to be used in the steelmaking process, for both Electric Arc Furnace and Blast Furnace cycles, such as deoxidant, desulphurising and fluidifying agents, covering powders and slag vitrifying agents.

Industrial minerals

Deref produces and sells a wide range of mineral raw materials for the main European manufacturers of shaped and unshaped refractory products used in steel, ceramics and glass industries. Deref is one of the main actors in the European markets for the manufacturing of secondary raw materials.

Mould powders

Deref designs and produces granulated powders for both continuous casting and bottom pouring, offering highly qualified technical support.

With its Steelin range products, Deref can supply granulated powders suitable for all steel grades and for all types of casting.

Refractory demolitions and recycling

Deref is specialised in the demolition of refractory linings of glass, ceramics, cement, lime and steel industrial furnaces, collecting and treating in its plants all the materials resulting from the demolition.