Industrial Minerals


Secondary raw materials

Deref produces and sells a wide range of mineral raw materials for the main European manufacturers of shaped and unshaped refractory products used in steel, ceramics and glass industries. Deref is one of the main actors in the European markets for the manufacturing of secondary raw materials.

› Fireclay

› Silico-alumina refractory grain

› Andalusite

› Sillimanite

› Bauxite

› Sintered Mullite

› White Fused Mullite

› High content Alumina (>90%)

› Chamotte low density insulating

› Refractory Silica

› Zircon

› Zirconium Oxide

›Alumina-Zirconium-Silica electrofused refractory grain AZS

› Burned Magnesite

› Carbon Magnesite

› Spinel refractory