Restore Plants

ReStoRe technology (REfractory and STeel REcovery), Deref’s latest innovation, is the ultimate Circular Economy solution in the field of steelmaking refractories.

ReStoRe consists in the transformation of low-value spent refractory waste into high-value products for steelmaking. After an upgrading process, spent refractories are reused in the steelmaking production process instead of primary raw materials such as lime, dolo-lime, bauxite and metallic scrap.

The process implies the treatment and processing of spent refractory materials coming from the periodic demolitions of the different refractory units. Exhausted materials are then recycled to be reused in steelmaking process (Electric Arc Furnace and Blast Furnace cycles).

In order to increase the refractory life of Electric Arc Furnaces, Converters etc., the quality of the output materials is carefully monitored.

ReStoRe technology allows to internally recycle spent refractories and therefore to reduce the need for raw materials. ReStoRe technology has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, as the primary production of consumables (i.e. lime and bauxite) has a strong environmental impact because of the high-temperature calcination reaction involved.

With this patented technology, Deref’s team can develop a tailor-made ReStoRe plant for each customer, optimizing every step of the cycle, form demolition to recycling.

ReStoRe technology has received funding in 2019 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Deref has been one of the few Italian company (out of 1848 proposals) to achieve such a major award.

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