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Refractory granulate for EAF

For over 20 year, Deref has been manufacturing mineral granules for the steel industry.

Granulati Refrattari Per EAF

Under the range Magslag, Deref proposes basic granules for furnace charge.

Thanks to their high magnesite content and their low silica level, Magslag granules allow a better balance and foaming slag while protecting furnace refractory lining.

With its product Der Banco Scorifica, Deref offers a technical and cost-effective alternative to the use of dolomite for protecting the slagging door.



  • Magnesite for furnace charge
  • Carbon Magnesite for foaming slag
  • Refractory Granules for the protection of slagging door
  • Refractory Granules for the protection of slag pot bottom

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